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Monster Hunter Rise Easy Mode: Can you lower difficulty down?

Monster Hunter Rise can be pretty challenging at times. For series veterans, that’s no surprise, but many newcomers can be left questioning what they signed up for. Any players in that situation are probably wondering about a Monster Hunter Rise easy mode setting. But, is it possible to lower the difficulty down and make MH Rise easier? Here’s the need-to-know on difficulty options in the new Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite game.

Can you reduce the difficulty setting in Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise easy mode

The long-running Monster Hunter series definitely has a steep learning curve. Some players fully embrace it, while others just find it to be an irksome barrier to entry. Seeing a diverse response is great and all, but, are there actually any difficulty settings to help players in the latter camp?

Monster Hunter Rise grades how difficult each of its quests is. Players should pay special attention to the star rating that accompanies each mission and only attempt those that they feel capable of completing. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated Monster Hunter Rise easy mode option. MH Rise does not feature conventional difficulty settings to decrease the challenge for players that struggle.

By sticking with the easier quests and better getting to grips with the game, users will eventually graduate to harder quests. Ultimately, wanting an easy mode should become a distant memory. For those with enough time and energy to devote to the cause, anyway…

Teaming up with additional players online (no local co-op, unfortunately) is a good way to learn the ropes. Seeing different users approach battles in different ways can be a great learning experience. Not only that, but there’s likely to be a party healer that can keep players in the fight.

Enabling the “Focus Camera” setting can also help to keep track of enemies in the heat of battle. It’s one less thing to manage during hectic monster melees, so here’s how to change the setting.

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