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Can you respec in Outriders?

Outriders features four classes, each with three unique skill trees. That’s a lot of potential variables and a lot of character builds to try in order to see which is the best loadout. But, can you respec in Outriders? Here’s the lowdown on whether or not players can reset the Class Point allocation and choose different Perks in Outriders.

Outriders: Can you respec Class Points?

Can you respec in Outriders

Yes. It’s possible to respec in Outriders at any time by visiting the in-game Class menu; simply select the icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to respecify. Players can respec an unlimited number of times in Outriders, completely free of charge.

Performing an Outriders skill respec totally resets the current character’s allocated Class Points. This allows players to experiment with different Perks from alternate skill trees. Of course, it can also function as a tool to fine-tune an existing build. In that case, simply re-select the Perk(s) to keep and invest the leftover Class Points elsewhere.

Since balance updates are common, being able to respec in Outriders is an important feature. It’s likely that Square Enix and People Can Fly will buff and/or nerf specific class abilities over time. Should a user not like any specific changes, rather than sticking with a now unappealing character build, they can simply make alterations as necessary.

It isn’t currently possible to change a character’s class in Outriders, however. In order to overhaul the gameplay completely and experience this new looter shooter with a different character class, users must create another character. That means players need at least four total characters in order to see everything that Outriders has to offer.

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Unfortunately, there’s an Outriders bug that wipes player inventories clean. It’s a major issue, obviously, that players should be aware of before sinking too much time into the game.