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What launcher is Apex Legends on?

Knowing what launchers Apex Legends is on is the first step players can take in order to jump into Respawn Entertainment’s well-regarded battle royale. While the answer is simple on consoles, it is a little more complicated on PC since there are so many different launchers like Origin, GOG, Epic, Ubisoft Connect, Steam, and more to choose from. Here’s what launchers Apex Legends is on on PC.

Apex Legend launchers on PC

What launcher is Apex Legends on?

Apex Legends on PC is on the following launchers:

  • Origin
  • Steam

Apex Legends originally launched on Origin in February 2019. The game stayed exclusive on PC on that platform until November 2020 when it finally jumped to Steam, many people’s favorite PC storefront. Thankfully, the game supports full cross-play, meaning PC users can not only play with each other on different launchers but also with those on console as well. Switch players can play against Steam and PS4 players as much as Xbox users can match up with those still on Origin. It’s one big inclusive battle royale.

Steam and Origin players essentially play on the same profile, meaning progress is shared. However, this does not apply to other platforms. Players jumping ship have to start over on their new system and earn their unlocks once again.

Apex Legends is currently on PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch as well and is obviously for free on each system’s storefront and does not require an online subscription for any of them. Those don’t require any sort of extra setup. On PC, the game is not currently on the Epic Games Store or GOG. It is not clear it will ever hit those storefronts on PC in the future, but it is not likely since EA probably wants more users on its own storefront as well as Steam, its biggest competitor. The game took almost two years to even make it to Steam, after all.