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How to fix Outriders Party Joining Failure error

Outriders is more fun with friends, but the game’s matchmaking system isn’t always ready for a party. In fact, many players repeatedly encounter the party joining error any time they try to meet up with friends. As it happens, this error most often appears because of a faulty crossplay setting. Here’s how to fix the party joining failure error and group up with other Outriders players.

Outriders: How to fix party joining failure error

Outriders: How to fix party joining failure error

The party joining failure error in Outriders is related to the game’s crossplay settings. The software may sometimes treat each player like they’re on another platform, even if they aren’t. If crossplay is disabled, other players will fail when attempting to join the party.

Considering how many connection problems Outriders has been experiencing since launch, this error doesn’t come as a surprise. Some players are told that matchmaking is unavailable, while others encounter the game not found error or find that authentication failed.

Thankfully, the party joining failure is easy to fix. All you have to do is enable cross-platform play. Load the game, then jump into the Options menu. From there, find the toggle for Crossplay, then set it to enabled. This is also the place to disable or enable crossplay voice chat.

After that, you only have to invite other players to join your party. Head over to Liftown Garage and locate the terminal. There you can generate a game code that can be shared with the players you’re trying to match up with. So long as crossplay is enabled, up to three players can join the party.

If Outriders keeps encountering the party joining failure error, make sure you have crossplay enabled. At least for now, there’s a bug causing the game to think every player is on a unique platform. Enabling cross-platform play should prevent the party joining failure and allow you to play with your friends.