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Outriders: Should you sell or dismantle items?

The world of Outriders is full of items, armor, and weapons to collect. In fact, there’s so much gear that players will eventually face a choice: Should you sell items for scrap, or dismantle them for materials? As it turns out, choosing between selling or dismantling an item is simple once you figure out which materials you need the most.

Should you sell or dismantle items in Outriders?

Should you sell or dismantle items in Outriders?

Generally speaking, you should sell lower-level gear and dismantle higher-level items in Outriders. Selling common gear will always give you scrap, but unusual-tier items and above should be dismantled to gather crafting materials.

Choosing between selling and dismantling gear mainly depends which materials you need to craft the next item you want. You’ll always need a set amount of scrap to craft new items, of course. Scrap basically works like currency. And since common-tier items only drop scrap, they should almost always be sold.

Plus, you’ll find diminishing returns for selling higher-tier items. Some unusual- and rare-tier items will give scrap when dismantling, but it’s often less scrap than you’d earn for simply selling them outright. However, higher-tier items have a chance to dismantle into materials such as leather, iron, shards, and titanium.

Then there’s the issue of mods. If you dismantle an item with mods, you’ll be able to keep that mod and apply it to future gear. If you sell it instead, you won’t get the mod, only scrap. Given that gear specs can change randomly, players would be wise to keep their favorite mods handy.

In other words, you should consider the materials you need to craft the next item you want before making a decision. If you’re running low on scrap, you should sell your common items, or items with mods you don’t need. Otherwise, you should dismantle your items. Dismantling gear in Outriders is the one of the easiest ways to farm titanium, and saves you the trouble of hunting creatures for leather or mining for iron ore.