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Outriders Romance Options: Can you date any NPCs?

Outriders romance options would go a long way to break up the carnage and death rampant on the planet Enoch. Given the rather sizable cast of NPCs, our Outrider has some decent prospects at finding love. So, players want to know if, despite having their hands full with the fate of a world, there is the option to get into a relationship in Outriders.

Are there relationship options in Outriders?

Outriders Relationships Romance

While Outriders does take time to build the backstories of many of its NPCs through the story and side quests, there are no romance options in the game. There are a few propositions, but neither the male nor female Outrider expresses too much interest in love during the game. There’s quite a bit at stake during the journey, so it makes sense that there are no romantic side quests.

Outriders takes place over the course of a few months at most. So, there’s not really a lot of time to get to know someone, fall in love, and get into a relationship. There are a few romantic candidates who the Outrider is close to, but again, it would be weird if People Can Fly shoehorned a love story into the game.

Early on, the most likely candidates for the Outrider’s significant other are Shira and Jakub. However, after a 30-year hibernation, they’re quite a bit older physically than the Outrider. In the present, Channa and Abraham would make the most likely romantic partners for the Outrider. However, Channa being Jakub’s adopted daughter, would make things weird, and Abraham is too focused on finding the source of the signal to be wooed.

Players will just have to wax poetic about what might have been. The world of Outriders is far from romantic, and the people that inhabit it have little time for love. Perhaps in a sequel or expansion, we’ll get a chance to dance and romance an NPC, but it’s not possible now.