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Outriders Altered Bailey Boss Fight Guide

In Outriders, players will have to face Altered Bailey as a boss in the Ancient Ruins. Bailey has been seething since the party left Trench Town, and when she gains the power of an Altered, she’s ready to take it out on the Outrider. Fortunately, she’s not too tricky once players study her and get her patterns down.

How to beat Altered Bailey in Outriders

Outriders Altered Bailey Boss

The first thing to note about the Altered Bailey boss fight in Outriders is that it’s bugged for Technomancers. Using the turret against her will result in a crash whenever she damages it. People Can Fly may have fixed this in the latest patch, but we haven’t had a chance to check it yet, so be warned. The workaround for this bug, for those experiencing crashes, is to equip non-turret skills only when fighting her.

Luckily, Altered Bailey isn’t too tough. The easiest way to win the fight is to head to one of the pillars in the arena. Players should do their best to keep the pillar between themselves and Bailey. With this tactic, Outriders only have her special attacks to worry about. Unfortunately, these can hit players through the pillar. However, all but one of them show alert the player with a red outline of the area of effect and have a pretty lengthy wind-up.

Players should follow the above tactics and peek around the pillar, and hit her with skills when they become charges. Otherwise, nail her in the head with gunfire when she’s charging a skill. Outriders can win this fight fairly easily (even solo) as long as they stay on the defensive. She doesn’t have any healing skills, so it doesn’t matter how long it takes to defeat her.

Unfortunately, Altered Bailey doesn’t drop any good gear when she goes down. Players have to beat this boss fight to progress, but it’s not worth revisiting again due to lack of drops.