PS5 ‘Unknown Updated’ Notification: What does it mean?

The PS5 “Unknown Updated” notification can cause confusion for users. “What is Unknown?” is the first common question and “Why has it been updated?” is the next. Thankfully, this is a simple bug to work around, rather than some malicious app that has somehow found its way into the system. Here’s what the PlayStation 5 “Unknown Updated” message means.

What does the PS5 “Unknown Updated” message mean?

PS5 Unknown Updated

The PS5 “Unknown Updated” message means that an app has updated but its image and name haven’t shown correctly in the popup notification.

For example, Call of Duty: Warzone may have updated, but instead of saying “Call of Duty: Warzone Updated” with an image of Warzone, the PS5 says “Unknown Updated” and shows a question mark image.

Thankfully, there’s an easy workaround for finding out which application was updated. Press the PS button, select “Notifications,” highlight the unknown game, and select “View Game.” This will identify which application has received an update.

Of course, it would be better for the PS5 to always show which application is being updated. The “Unknown” popup just causes confusion, with some users potentially being worried that something has gone wrong with their system. Here’s hoping Sony can roll out a fix in the next system software patch.

For those worried that the “Unknown Updated” message is bad, fear not, for it just seems to be a visual bug that won’t impact the gaming experience.

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