Snapchat: How to remove Bitmojis from notifications

A new Snapchat update has changed the way notifications appear, and a lot of users aren’t happy. Specifically, the latest version of the app enables a new option to place Bitmojis into notifications. Some users like being able to see their friends’ faces, but others immediately tried to figure out how to remove Bitmojis from Snapchat notifications. If you’re not a fan of the new system, here’s how to go back to the old ways.

How to remove Bitmojis from Snapchat notifications 2021

How to remove Bitmojis from Snapchat notifications 2021

The option to remove Bitmojis from Snapchat notifications is found in the Snapchat Settings menu.

  1. Open Snapchat
  2. Tap on your avatar to open your profile
  3. Select the cog wheel to open the Settings menu
  4. Open the Notifications tab
  5. Toggle the Bitmojis in Notification option from on to off

So far, the feature to show Bitmojis in notifications has been divisive. Bitmojis themselves are still hugely popular, and most frequent Snapchat users have already customized their own. However, some users find a cartoon face popping up on their phone to be a little bit tacky. Others simply dislike the wasted space caused by the new notifications, which are a fair bit taller than they were before.

Those concerns are fairly minor, but the other main concern isn’t: Privacy. Snapchat users can change the display name of their friends to whatever they want, from nicknames to pet names and everything in between. However, they can’t customize other users’ Bitmojis. That means that when Bitmojis in Notifications are enabled, other people could potentially see the avatars of people you trade Snaps with.

Thankfully, you can simply enable or disable the feature at will. The option to display or remove Bitmojis from Snapchat notification is just one of several features available in the Settings menu, too. There are also options allowing you to be notified of mentions, birthdays, memories, even trendy new filters and effects. Still, chances are good that if you’re here, you don’t want those enabled either, though you may be interested to learn how to do the half-swipe in 2021.

If privacy is of the utmost concern, you can remove Bitmojis from Snapchat notifications through the app’s Settings menu. If you ever change your mind, you can simply re-enable it later.