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Rocket League Update Stuck At 100%: ‘Finishing things up’ fix

Rocket League gets frequent updates, which is great, though also inconvenient for some Xbox players due to an install bug. Many Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One users encounter the Rocket League update stuck at 100% glitch. This issue prompts a notification message that reads “Finishing things up” but seemingly never goes away. So, is there a quick and easy solution? Here’s the need-to-know on the RL update won’t finish problem.

How to fix Rocket League update stuck at 100%

Rocket League update stuck at 100%

If a new Rocket League update sticks at 100% progress, first try rebooting the console then pausing and unpausing the patch. After that, wait for a while; some users report that the “Finishing things up” process may remain stuck for several hours before completing. Alternatively, users can close and uninstall Rocket League before re-downloading and installing the game fresh. This won’t cause any loss of progress and could potentially be faster depending on a user’s download speed.

Here’s how to fix the Rocket League stuck patch issue by uninstalling and re-downloading on Xbox:

  1. Navigate to “My games & apps” from the Xbox home screen
  2. Locate Rocket League in the “Games” tab
  3. Highlight the game and press the Menu/Start button
  4. Select “Uninstall” from the list, then “UNINSTALL ALL”
  5. Scroll to the “Full library” tab
  6. Select “All owned games” from the available options
  7. Locate and select Rocket League
  8. Choose the “INSTALL ALL” option
  9. Rocket League should now install without any update issues

In the unlikely event that this fix doesn’t work, as a very final resort, users can perform an Xbox factory reset. Go to Settings > System > Console Info > Reset Console > RESET AND KEEP MY GAMES & APPS. The console will reboot in a state as if it were brand new, though after logging in any game and app installs will remain intact. The Rocket League update should now progress and complete normally.

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