Is First Class Trouble crossplay on PC, PS4, and Xbox?

The hit new game First Class Trouble is essentially Among Us meets BioShock, with a hint of The Ship, so it’s perhaps not a surprise that it’s kicking off in popularity since it’s a great game type for playing and streaming. The First Class Trouble PC version is available now in Steam Early Access, and developer Invisible Walls has it down for a console release too. The question most fans want to know is then, will First Class Trouble crossplay be available between PC, PS4, and Xbox?

Is First Class Trouble crossplay available between PC/PS4?

Currently, the only version of the game available is the First Class Trouble Steam early access beta, so First Class Trouble crossplay will only happen when the game comes to PS4 as well. At the moment, developer Invisible Walls has not given any indication when the First Class Trouble PS4  and Xbox versions will be available, let alone any hint at crossplay.

According to the First Class Trouble Steam beta notes, the game will be in early access on PC for around 6-12 months, suggesting that it might not release on PS4 or Xbox until the game is ready to be released properly on all platforms.

As for any possibility of First Class Trouble crossplay, it would make a lot of sense, especially if it is only available for PC and PS4. However, there are a lot of technical complications regarding crossplay. Invisible Walls is only a small developer, and even bigger developers such as People Can Fly have had trouble with Outriders crossplay. The PS4 in particular has had issues with crossplay in the past, with Sony famously stopping Fortnite crossplay with other platforms.

There has currently been no mention made about First Class Trouble crossplay, so it’s not a guaranteed feature, and it definitely won’t be introduced until the game actually gets released on PS4 at least.

In other news on the game, the latest First Class Trouble patch notes can be found here for the April 20th update.