How to equip items in Roblox Critical Expedition

Critical Expedition is more complex than most other Roblox games, which is great, but that means it can be confusing. One example of this is equipping items. It should be simple, but many players miss out on one crucial step when trying to equip Actives, Passives, and Cosmetics from their inventory. So, here’s how to equip items in Roblox Critical Expedition on PC, Android, iOS, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

How do you equip items in Roblox Critical Expedition?

how to equip items in Roblox Critical Expedition

To equip items in Roblox Critical Expedition, players must be standing inside an Arsenal. When inside, select the chest icon at the bottom of the screen then choose which Passive, Active, and Cosmetic items to equip.

Users are not able to change their loadout in the Critical Expedition Roblox game outside of Arsenals. By contrast, most RPGs let players swap out equippable items whenever they want. This change left many people wondering what they were doing wrong, but, now that how to change loadout is clear, equipping different items in Critical Expedition is quick and easy.

It’s important to keep in mind that some Cosmetic items are specific to certain playstyles. Even from within an Arsenal, if the player isn’t set to the appropriate class, they still won’t be able to equip these items. For more information on how to change class and what each playstyle does, check out this Critical Expedition guide.

Some of the best equipable items in Critical Expedition are only available via crafting. Fortunately, GameRevolution also has Roblox fans covered on that front! Here’s a crafting explainer that details how to craft, along with all of the best recipes.

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