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Life is Strange [GUIDE] Episode 3 – All Optional Photos (VIDEO/SCREENSHOTS)

Life is Strange: Episode 3 - Chaos Theory Optional Photo Guide





1. The Action Figure (Victoria's Dorm Room)

Once you leave your dorm room go to the bathroom and speak to Taylor about Victoria sneaking out. Then you can enter Victoria's room. Once inside shine your light on the action figure until you are prompted to take a photo.

GAMER TIP: You don't have to rewind time here but if you do then you can talk to Taylor again about Victoria sneaking out and earn bonus points with her if you asked about her mother's health in previous episodes and do not accuse her outright about bullying Kate. 


2. The Squirrel (Dorm Courtyard)

Once outside the dorm room find the bench with the squirrel on it. It will runaway from you so you will need to get close to the bench and rewind time in order to take the photo.

3. Fish in the Tank (Science Lab)

Must take photo before breaking into the Principal's Office. You have to turn on the fish tank lights in order to wake up the fish and be prompted for the photo.


4. Skeleton with Cigarette (Science Lab)

Must take photo before breaking into the Principal's Office. The Skeleton is in the back right corner of the Science Lab near the second entrance.


5. Chloe in the Principal's Office (School - Principal's Office)

Look at the bird on the Principal's desk and then you will be prompted to take a photo of Chloe sitting in his chair.


6. Max in the Mirror (Chloe's House - Bathroom)

After leaving Chloe's room go to the upstairs bathroom and take a photo of yourself in the mirror. 


7. Bird on the Fence (Chloe's House - Dining Room/Living Room/Backyard)

To make this easier open up the window near the kitchen table as soon as you go down stairs. On the other side of the room there will be a bird perched on top of a bookcase. Shoo it away. It will fly near the fireplace and you will need to shoo it away again so it fly's out the window. Once it is outside, find that giant drawing Max and Chloe made when they were kids and take a photo of the bird on the fence near it.


8. Truck (Outside the Diner)

Before going in the Diner talk to the trucker outside. He will be mean to you but you can rewind the conversation mentioning his truck and Rachel Amber in order to get him to let you take pictures of his Truck parked across the street.


9. Ant's and Dead Bird (Diner Alleyway)

Go down the alleyway to find a weird circle of ants and another dead bird.


10. Chloe and William (Chloe's House - Past)

After returning to the past pick up the camera on the counter and take a photo of Chloe and William cooking breakfast.