Is there a Lost Soul Aside Xbox release date?

After going dormant for a number of years, Lost Soul Aside recently made its triumphant return. The lengthy gameplay trailer looks a lot like Devil May Cry x Final Fantasy, which, obviously, has a lot of people excited. That includes Xbox users, but is there a Lost Soul Aside Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One release date? Here’s the need-to-know on this flashy action combat game coming to the Microsoft family of consoles.

Is a Lost Soul Aside Xbox Series X|S version coming out?

Lost Soul Aside Xbox Series X S release date

Developer UltiZeroGames plans to launch Lost Soul Aside on PS5, PS4, and PC. Currently, there are no known plans to announce a Lost Soul Aside Xbox Series X|S release date.

PlayStation manufacturer Sony is aiding in the creation and publication of Lost Soul Aside via its China Hero Project. As a result, it seems unlikely that the action title will come to Xbox Series X and Series S in the future. Speculatively, at the very least, the game will remain a PlayStation console exclusive for around a year.

Is a Lost Soul Aside Xbox One version coming out?

Lost Soul Aside Xbox One release date

Lost Soul Aside is releasing on PlayStation consoles and PC. At the time of writing, there have been no announcements concerning a Lost Soul Aside Xbox One release date.

With Sony contributing to the creation of Lost Soul Aside, the company will likely want to retain PlayStation console exclusivity. It’s possible, however, that there is no formal deal or that any potential deal only lasts for so long. It’s only possible to speculate right now with no official word on the matter, but, if this was the case, UltiZeroGames could develop a Lost Soul Aside Xbox port in the future.

Here’s another look at that impressive gameplay trailer, along with the latest on a Lost Soul Aside launch date.

While Lost Soul Aside looks comparable to DMC, an all-new Devil May Cry game is actually on the way. It’s coming to mobile, but here’s the lowdown on possible PC and console versions.