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How to transfer Miitopia demo save data to the main game

The Miitopia demo is out now and Nintendo has promised to allow players to be able to transfer Miitopia demo save data to the main game when that releases. In a surprising move, Nintendo has dropped the first Miitopia demo for Nintendo Switch and players are using the amazing character creator to make some truly impressive and detailed Miis. It would be a tragedy if Nintendo didn’t allow these creations to be saved and moved to the final game of Miitopia when that comes out, so it’s lucky that Miitopia demo save data can be transferred to the full game. We’ll show you how to do that below.

How to move Miitopia demo save data to the main game

Miitopia demo save data

To move Miitopia demo save data to the main game, players simply have to log in with the same user account. Save data should transfer over automatically when you start playing the main game, as long as you’re playing it on the same Switch as you did the demo.

The Miitopia demo has only been out a few hours, as of the time of writing, but with all the fantastic Mii player creations being shared on social media there was a slight fear that there would be no obvious way to move Miitopia demo saves to the final game when Miitopia Switch releases on May 21.

A message at the beginning of the demo promises “save data from this demo can be carried over to the full version,” but Nintendo isn’t known for making these things obvious. Fortunately, Miitopia seems to be the exception and Nintendo appears to be learning from its mistakes, as all Miitopia players have to do is play the full game on the same Nintendo Switch console as they did the demo and they should be able to carry on from where they left off immediately.