Box art - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [ACT 1 – VELEN] Wandering in the Dark (VIDEO)

This quest is available after completing Hunting a Witch and meeting Keira

GAMER TIP: Before entering the cave loot the chest on the walkway above the cave entrance, it contains several repair kits which will help a lot in the coming mission. The path ahead has many hard hitting foes who will definitely test the durability of your armor and weapons.


Along the way they encounter the Wild Hunt and several intriguing clues as to what may have happened to Ciri during her journey.

Enemy TypeVulnerabilities
Drowners- Necrophage Oil

- Igni
Foglet- Moon Dust

- Nechrophage Oil

- Quen & Yrden Sign
Water Hag- Northern Wind

- Necrophage Oil

- Quen, Igni, and Yrden Signs
Golem- Dimeritium Bomb

- Elementa Oil
Dopplers- Relict Oil
Wraiths- Moon Dust

- Specter Oil Yrden
Gargoyle- Elementa Oil

- Quen

- Yrden
Wild Hunt Hounds- Elementa Oil

- Yrden

​- Igni & Axii Sign

​- Dimeritium Bomb
Nithral - Elementa Oil

- Axii Sign

- Igni w/Melt Armor ability perk


DECISION POINT: Help find the Lamp or do not find the lamp?

Option 1: Do not help Keira find the lamp and she will be annoyed with you.

OPTION 2: Helping Keira find the lamp you'll be able to start the quest right away but if you do not continue following her after starting the quest she will continuously ask you where you are going. 

This will start the secondary quest Magic Lamp, it's a fairly short quest so I highly recommend getting it out of the way ASAP.



Along the journey you will encounter a place of power for the Yrden sign before you enter the final chamber of Wandering in the Dark.



In the chamber where you see the last projection of the Elven Mage turn around and head directly to the other side of the room. On the left hand side there is a wall you can breakthrough using Aard and once inside you can use the Eye of Nehaleni you get from finishing Wandering the Dark to lift an illusion and reveal chamber you can dive into. There are numerous chests under the water to loot as well as another chamber you can swim into that contains a chest with a relic sword in it.

GAMER TIP: Find this treasure after completing Magic Lamp/Refusing to play Magic Lamp as it requires an item you can only get after completing Wandering the Dark. If you accept to find Keira’s Magic Lamp and set out to find this treasure Keira will get upset and continue asking Geralt where he is going.