When is the Invincible episode 9 release date and time on Amazon Prime Video?

Invincible episode 9 is now being sought after by viewers after the show’s previous episode. With the last episode in season 1 having now aired, fans are looking for when they’ll be able to find out what happens next for the titular superhero, Omni-Man, the Guardians of the Globe, and the rest of the show’s characters. So when can you expect to watch Invincible episode 9 on Amazon Prime Video?

Invincible episode 9 release date and time

Invincible episode 9 will likely release in 2022 at the earliest, with no new episode set to air next week. This is because season 1 has now concluded, with the show wrapping up its first eight episodes this week.

Invincible episode 9 will therefore be season 2 episode 1, which has no release date at the time of this writing. However, we should expect to hear more about this next season sooner rather than later.

Is Invincible being renewed for season 2?

Yes, Invincible’s renewal status has been confirmed and it will be receiving both a season 2 and a season 3. The show’s official Twitter account confirmed as much in a tweet, revealing that the exploits of Mark Grayson and co. will continue in the future.

Just how soon that future will be remains to be seen. With its first season having just concluded, don’t expect any new episodes this year. Instead, it’s more likely that 2022 will be the next time we see the superhero show back in action.

In the finale, Invincible and Omni-Man go toe-to-toe after the true intentions of the titular hero’s father are revealed. The episode concludes with Omni-Man leaving his post at earth, an unheard-of behavior for a Viltrumite, while Mark and the rest of the planet are left wondering what’s next.

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