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New Pokemon Snap Multiplayer: Is there online or splitscreen co-op?

With the latest Pokemon game New Pokemon Snap now available on Nintendo Switch, fans are wondering if there is any sort of New Pokemon Snap multiplayer mode available in the game. With the incredibly chill gameplay and the seemingly easy way to allow dual joy-con use with the game’s simple controls, it would seem natural for there to be some sort of New Pokemon Snap co-op mode, either splitscreen with one Switch or online. Here’s what players can expect from this 2021 release.

Is there co-op or any sort of New Pokemon Snap multiplayer?

New Pokemon Snap multiplayer co-op splitscreen

New Pokemon Snap does not have multiplayer. There’s no online co-op or splitscreen play.

Unfortunately, despite New Pokemon Snap lending itself very well to co-op, there is currently no form of multiplayer in the game — either split-screen or online. There is online functionality, but this is entirely limited to players being able to share the many photos of Pokemon they will have taken with others over social media. Anyone with a Nintendo Switch Online membership can also compete with other players online on global leaderboards in various categories, such as total Pokemon Photodex score.

However, in terms of going into the New Pokemon Snap gameplay areas with another player to take photos of Pokemon together, there are no options and Nintendo has no plans to add any co-op functionality — at least, not that it’s announced.

Super Mario Party recently received a full online multiplayer update after two years, so entirely possible Nintendo could suddenly drop in a co-op mode for New Pokemon Snap at any time. As of right now, though, like the N64 original, it’s entirely a single-player experience.

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