Box art - New Pokemon Snap

How long is New Pokemon Snap?

The original Pokemon Snap was a short, but replayable, Nintendo 64 game. Does the same apply to New Pokemon Snap on Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, though? How long is New Pokemon Snap? Here’s the lowdown on the length of time it takes to beat and complete this sequel, along with its level of replayability.

How long to beat and complete New Pokemon Snap?

How long is New Pokemon Snap to beat and complete

New Pokemon Snap is about 6-12 hours long, depending on how many side objectives players complete.

Of course, different players will spend varying amounts of time with the game. Those who rush through every course can finish in around six to eight hours. Users that revisit courses to increase their research levels and discover new secret can easily double the New Pokemon Snap length.

The Pokemon Snap sequel is highly replayable and easy to dip in and out of, thanks to its relaxed pace, themes, and atmosphere. Even after playing through all of the content, players can always improve on the pictures that they’ve taken. Photography doesn’t have a skill ceiling, so avid Pokemon photographers can play indefinitely.

These numbers are according to PCMag, Game8, and HowLongToBeat. With multiple sources naming the same sort of timespan, the New Pokemon Snap completion time estimate seems accurate. This guide will receive an update if GameRevolution’s testing turns up different results, however.

A lot of people have fond childhood memories of playing Pokemon Snap for N64. As such, it’d be nice if the sequel was available on more platforms than just Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. Will it actually happen, though? Get the latest on a PlayStation, Xbox, and PC version along with potential Android and iOS ports.

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