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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [ACT 1 – VELEN] Return to Crookback Bog ALL PATHS (VIDEO)

This quest is available after completing Family Matters, Ladies of the Wood, and The Whispering Hillock.

The results of your decision during The Whispering Hillock set in motion two possible paths as soon as you and the Baron arrive back at Downwarren. If you chose to free the spirit, it has decimated the village in retribution and when you return to the Bog the fate of the Baron and his family is far more dire. If you killed the spirit Downwarren will not be decimated and when you return to the Bog there is a chance at a more positive resolution to the Baron’s story.



This path requires the extra step of tracking down Johnny and then solving a riddle in order to lift the curse on Anna.


Doll with Red BeadINCORRECT: Anna returns to human form but burns alive
Doll with the Bird Feathers
Doll with Violet Hollyhock BloomCORRECT: Anna returns to human form but is dying. This option does provide more closure since she can speak to Tamara and the Baron.
Doll with the Human EarINCORRECT: Anna returns to human form but burns alive

At this point you cannot change the sequence of events without replaying The Whispering Hillock.


No matter how things play out you will have to fight the same enemies during the quest. The only difference is having to solve the Witch’s riddle during path 2.


Water Hag- Northern Wind Bomb

- Necrophage Oil

- Quen & Igni Sign
Drowners- Necrophage Oil

- Igni Sign
Fiend- Samum or Devil's Puffball Bomb

- Relict Oil