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Returnal Network Error: How to fix ‘Unable to connect’ message

For the most part, Returnal is a technically sound game. Some players are encountering a Returnal network error preventing them from accessing online services, however. The issue is accompanied by a notification message that reads: “Unable to connect to online services. Reconnect through the pause menu.” Here’s a quick and easy solution for players encountering this connectivity bug on PS5.

Returnal ‘Unable to connect’ error fix

Returnal Network Error fix

To fix the Returnal network connection error and go online, follow these simple steps:

  1. Press the Options button
  2. Select “GO ONLINE” from the pause menu
  3. If unsuccessful, there could be a new update
  4. Hold the PS button, then, with Returnal highlighted, press the Options button
  5. Select “Check for Update” from the list; downloading the latest version will solve this issue
  6. If there is no update, check @Housemarque for service status updates
  7. No known issues? Close the game and reboot the PS5 console
  8. Reboot the internet router or modem, then wait for power to fully restore
  9. If the Returnal network error persists, try switching to a different internet network
  10. Finally, step away for now and try again later

Fortunately, Returnal is fully playable even when connectivity issues strike. Although there are online functions within the game, Housemarque’s latest is primarily a single-player title.

Outside of occasional connection glitches, there isn’t much wrong with Returnal. The game is almost wholly unique to the point of being “revolutionary,” as discussed in the GameRevolution review.

Once again, not accounting for Returnal’s connectivity problems, the Roguelike shooter can be really tough! For anyone that could use a helping hand, here are nine tips for beginners.

Returnal also pays homage to developer Housemarque’s past, featuring a sneaky Resogun Easter egg. It’s hiding almost in plain sight, though most players miss this nod to the popular PlayStation 4 launch game — here’s how to find it.