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Returnal Multiplayer: Is there PvP and co-op?

Returnal is a unique roguelike shooter coming exclusively to PS5. It’s pretty mysterious, and intentionally so, which has some players curious about its feature set. Most specifically, players are wondering if there’s online PvP and co-op support. So, is there Returnal multiplayer? Or is the game single-player only? Here’s the lowdown on internet-based features in Housmarque and PlayStation Studios’ latest exclusive.

Does Returnal have online multiplayer support?

Returnal multiplayer

Returnal has an online feature that allows players with an internet connection to see the deaths of other users. Barring this, however, there is no Returnal PvP or co-op multiplayer.

Returnal players are able to learn about the world’s many dangers by observing how other users die. This feature is likely familiar to any fans of the Soulslike genre. Unlike many of those games, however, there are no cooperative summons or competitive invasions in Returnal on PS5.

In essence, Returnal is a single-player game. The one asynchronous multiplayer element does not allow users to directly interact with other users in any way, shape, or form.

Although this might be disappointing to many, it’s definitely worth noting that Returnal is excellent even in the absence of online multiplayer. The GameRevolution review commends Returnal’s “replayable, rewarding, and revolutionary” nature. It’s a unique and atmospheric experience that shouldn’t be missed, inclusive of multiplayer or not.

Sold on playing? Don’t waste any time starting up the download, as there’s a large Day One patch to install. Get the latest on what it includes right here.

With such high praise of Housmarque’s next-gen exclusive, Xbox Series X and Series S owners might be wondering if they can get in on the action. Unfortunately, for the time being, the chances appear slim to none.

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