Box art - New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap: How to unlock levels

The latest game in the Pokemon Snap series is here, but players taking on the relaxing challenge of New Pokemon Snap may be wondering how to unlock levels in the game and how getting these new levels actually works.

There are eleven levels in New Pokemon Snap, which make for a more sizeable game than the original Pokemon Snap on the N64, but unlocking all those new levels in New Pokemon Snap can be a little confusing. See below for some help with this.

How do you unlock new levels in New Pokemon Snap?

New Pokemon Snap How to unlock levels

To unlock new levels in New Pokemon Snap the player has to get as many Expedition points by taking photos of Pokemon as they can, which increases the Research Level for that level and allows access to new levels. Usually, the Research Level required to unlock another New Pokemon Snap location is Level 2. As soon as the player reaches Research Level 2 in one area, a new area will automatically be unlocked.

This is true for basically all New Pokemon Snap levels in the game, although there are a few exceptions. Florio Nature Park (Day) is, of course, unlocked from the start. Florio Nature Park (Illumina Spot) merely requires the player to go through Florio Nature Park (Night) at least once.

Lental Seafloor (Illumina Spot) is one of the more interesting levels to unlock. Unlike all the other areas which only require Level 2, the player has to first reach Research Level 3 on Lental Seafloor (Undersea). After that, they then have to play the level again and take the new route that’s opened up by following Clawitzer, using an Illumina Orb on him, then use the scanner.

In order to unlock Shiver Snowfields (Day) and Durice Island, possibly the most difficult level, players have to take photos of Meganium, Volcarona, Milotic, and Whishiwashi in their Illumina forms. After that, Durice Island will become available. Have fun unlocking all of the many Pokemon in all the New Pokemon Snap levels.