Did the Bad Batch execute Order 66 in Star Wars: The Bad Batch?

Star Wars: The Bad Batch has just debuted its first episode, with season 1 episode 1 airing on Disney Plus this week. With it covering a grey area in Star Wars history, viewers are wondering if the Bad Batch execute Order 66, or if they disobey orders.

Did the Bad Batch execute Order 66?

did bad batch execute order 66 star wars

Image: Disney Plus

No, the Bad Batch do not execute Order 66 and help kill the Jedi. As the Bad Batch have genetic defects compared to the other clones, meaning they aren’t forced to comply with the same instructions. Whereas the other clone troopers were pre-programmed to obey Palpatine’s order and kill the Jedi, the Bad Batch don’t receive the same orders via their inhibitor chips, so are instead guided by their morality.

While the first episode tackles the Bad Batch coming to terms with what Order 66 entails, it’s clear that they disagree with Emperor Palpatine’s wishes and see what is happening before them. After the squad is ordered to kill Saw Gerrera and a group of innocents, including children, they quickly realize that they are now on the wrong side of the war. They are later imprisoned by the Empire due to them having committed “treason,” with them then escaping and fleeing Kamino.

However, while the majority of the Bad Batch members come to their senses, Crosshair isn’t so lucky. After Admiral Tarkin recognizes that Order 66 has somewhat worked on the sniper, it is discovered that his inhibitor chip is still functioning, albeit at a reduced rate compared to the regular clones. Tarkin then orders the Kaminioans to amplify his response to the directive.

The episode concludes with Hunter and the rest of the Bad Batch fighting Crosshair, who attacks his former squadmates by order of Tarkin. Crosshair is then replaced by the child Omega, who is discovered to also be a clone, and who leaves Kamino with the other members of the squad after Crosshair becomes under the Empire’s control.

In other Bad Batch news, viewers have been wondering who Caleb Dume is after the Jedi padawan appeared in the first episode. The identity of the mysterious planet J-19 has also likely been revealed.