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Is Mewtwo in New Pokemon Snap?

There are a lot of Pokemon to find in the game, but the one that has players most curious is if there is a New Pokemon Snap Mewtwo hiding somewhere in the game world. It’s a decent-sized game with many side objectives, and there are multiple Legendary Pokemon hiding within New Pokemon Snap, which are the most difficult to find and catch pictures of in the game. But is Mewtwo among them?

Is Mewtwo a Legendary Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap?

New Pokemon Snap Mewtwo

There are ten Legendary Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap, which includes Mew — the Pokemon that Mewtwo was genetically engineered out of. Unfortunately, Mewtwo itself cannot currently be found in New Pokemon Snap, at least as far as players are aware of, although it’s possible Mewtwo may get added in a future update.

It took a long time for Mewtwo to become available in Pokemon Go and now it’s one of the strongest Pokemon in the game. Nintendo is occasionally known to suddenly drop massive unexpected updates on its games, so it’s entirely possible Mewtwo — one of the most popular Pokemon — may get added at a later date. However, Mew is definitely in New Pokemon Snap and is still a Legendary Pokemon who the player can take a picture of if they’re vigilant.

Mew can be found on Founja Jungle (Night) and players will need to have the Pokeflute to get it. At the start of the stage, play a song on the Pokeflute to the group of Morelull and a purple bubble will appear. Throw a Flufffruit at it and Mew will be revealed as hiding inside. If Mew disappears too quickly to get a shot, don’t restart yet as the bubble will reappear a few times later in the stage, so there are a few other opportunities to get a shot of this Legendary Pokemon.