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How to get bigger inventory in Resident Evil Village

Getting a bigger inventory in Resident Evil Village allows players to carry more ammo, heals, weapons, and other useful tools for survival. Knowing how to increase inventory space is therefore key to boosting Ethan’s survivability during his RE8 adventure. Here’s how to get more inventory space in Resident Evil 8.

How to get more inventory space in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Increase Inventory Space

To get a bigger inventory space in Resident Evil Village, players need to buy Extra Baggage.

Extra Baggage is available through the merchant. Checking The Duke’s inventory at every new opportunity is the best way to see if an item slot increase is available. It’s also listed as the top-left item, so it’s easy to spot.

The initial inventory space upgrade is immediately available, however it costs 10,000 Lei. It’s unlikely that players will be able to buy the item slot upgrade right away. Instead, eager hoarders will need to save up money while exploring the castle.

There are multiple Extra Baggage unlocks, so it’s best to always keep a good chunk of money ready to purchase the next item slot booster.

With no stash to store items in, it’s important that players manage their inventories well so as to avoid missing out on crucial healing items, ammo, and other useful equipment. Expanding the inventory makes this less of a challenge, eventually allowing for a vast number of items to be hoarded in Ethan’s very large pockets.

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