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Which weapon should I upgrade in Resident Evil Village?

Choosing the best weapon upgrade in Resident Evil Village is key to becoming powerful enough to take on the nightmare enemies Ethan faces. In RE8, it’s possible to buy attachments and increase stats for weapons. There’s a lot of customization to choose from and, with limited Lei money, most players won’t be able to afford all customizable parts and stat boosts. So, which RE8 weapons should players power up? Here’s which weapon players should upgrade in Resident Evil 8.

What is the best weapon upgrade in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village Best Upgrades

Resident Evil Village players should upgrade the M1897 shotgun first.

This shotgun is found during the first wave-based encounter. It packs a punch then and, when fully upgraded, can deliver some swift justice to even the mightiest of foes. Players will want to focus on the Power spec first and foremost, while also purchasing the Hair Trigger part when enough Lei has been gathered.

The next weapon worthy of being fully upgraded is the M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum. Putting Lei into Power makes the Magnum even more formidable. It’s particularly useful against boss enemies, quickly ending fights that could otherwise have been pretty tricky.

It’s worth remembering that, once a weapon has been fully upgraded and that playthrough has been completed, unlimited ammo will be unlocked for that gun. An unlimited ammo shotgun will make collectible hunting on a second playthrough so much easier, while an unlimited ammo magnum will deal huge damage even on the highest difficulties.

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