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Resident Evil Village ‘You can’t use that here’: Why can’t I use item?

The Resident Evil Village “You can’t use that here” message can be frustrating to see, especially when players think they have the right item. For those wondering “Why can’t I use this item?” for doors, gates, wells, and other interactive objects, here’s the need-to-know info on key items in RE8.

Why can’t I use the item in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village You can't use that here

Players can’t use a key item in Resident Evil Village because it’s the wrong item.

The Resident Evil Village “You can’t use that here” message appears when the wrong key item has been selected for a lock, well, or other interactive object. Players must select the correct object from their Key Items inventory in order to progress. This message usually appears when the correct item is in the player inventory, so simply try each one until the right item is successfully found.

One area where players might get confused is when interacting with a door that requires a four-winged key. There are two types of four-winged keys. If the first key doesn’t work, search around for a location where it does work.

The “You can’t use that here” message at least provides a clue that players should try using the item in a different location. Rather than letting players repeatedly try to use the wrong item, the game provides feedback. That’s pretty kind for a game that unashamedly attempts to scare the player at seemingly every turn!

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