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Resident Evil Village ‘This needs some kind of other item’ guide

The Resident Evil Village “This needs some kind of other item” message can be confusing to read. Players may think that they have the right key item, but they are still receiving this message. Here’s what the message means and how to find this “other item” in RE8.

What does “This needs some kind of other item” mean in RE8?

Resident Evil Village This needs some kind of other item

The “This needs some kind of other item” message found within Resident Evil Village means that players need to hunt down a different key item.

This text is given when the required key item isn’t in the player’s inventory, meaning that they haven’t yet found it. With Resident Evil Village requiring a lot of backtracking, it’s possible that the item hasn’t yet been presented to the player. Players will often need to return to areas with new items unlocked to find new treasures and to progress down hidden paths.

“This needs some kind of other item” can appear when using a Well Wheel in place of a Crank to open a door, for example. Though the Well Wheel might look like it can fit in the hole, it doesn’t work. The Well Wheel is reserved for wells only. Likewise, players trying to interact with a well using a random key will get the same message.

Fortunately, Resident Evil Village allows a lot of backtracking and few points of no return. Those encountering the “needs some kind of other item” message can often safely leave the area and come back later with the required item.

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