Box art - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [ACT 1 VELEN] A Towerfull of Mice (VIDEO)

This quest is available after speaking with Keira Metz back at her home after Wandering in the Dark.

She asks you to investigate what’s happening on a secluded island because the magical powers there are too intense for her to bypass. Once you get there you can use the magic lamp to help with your investigation by completing the optional task of finding ghostly apparitions.

Once you discover why Annabelle’s soul is not at peace you have the option of agreeing to help her or not agreeing to help her which changes the sequence of events necessary for breaking the curse on the island but not the end result. Each path has roughly the same outcome.

PATH 1 - Agreeing to Deliver Anabelle’s Remains to Graham

PATH 2 -  Not Agreeing to Help Annabelle

You must fight Annabelle in Pesta form and bring Graham to the island so she can confront him.

Once the you return to Keira and complete the mission, A Favor for a Friend will become available.



Basement - Two peasants Commenting on the size of the mice

1st Floor - Two peasants talking about killing the head of the house and plotting to kill others

2nd floor - The lord of the house having dinner with his daughter

Secret Room - Find the spirit of Annabelle

(BONUS) Outside and towards the back of the tower there is another apparition. You can still complete the optional objective without finding it.