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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [ACT 1 VELEN] Advancements in Learning ALL PATHS (VIDEO)


CAUTION: This quest significantly impacts Keira Metz’s fate and Geralt’s relationship with her.

This quest is available after completing Magic Lamp, Towerfull of Mice, and A Favor for a Friend. This scene is short but highly impacts Keira’s subplot. If you are an ******* to her from the start than convincing her to save herself and join Geralt at Kaer Morhen becomes impossible.

GAMER TIP: If you want to avoid conflict DO NOT ASK HER FOR THE PAPERS. Yes, even if you're nice to her, doing so ensures that things between Keira and Geralt end badly.


PATH # 1: Insist that Keira Give you the papers from the laboratory = Fight Keira to the death


PATH # 2: Warn Keira about the dangers of her decision but let her go = Find Keira Dead later in the game

PATH # 3: Warn Keira of the dangers of her decision and invite her to Kaer Morhen = Keira Lives

After completing this quest it's probably best to finish up all missions in Velen and head off to Novigrad and complete Pyres of Novigrad if you have not already.