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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [ACT 1 NOVIGRAD] Broken Flowers (VIDEO)

This quest is available after completing Novigrad Dreaming

After reuniting with Zoltan and searching the brothel for clues about Dandelion you will find a book with names and poems about women. After reading the book you can talk to Zoltan to get more info on the women or go meet with them yourself. While you run around talking to the people in Dandelion’s book there will be a certain set of variations as to how some of the encounters play out depending on your Witcher 2 world state or how you deal with the people when you find them.


Vespula the Washerwoman

Pay the Thugs - Vespula will be thankful

Intimidate Thugs - Say you’re her protection/King of Beggars is. Vespula will be thankful

Kill the Thugs - Vespula will not be pleased and later on will be forced to move her laundry business.


Wait for Class to End - Stand around and feel free to loot things from the schoolhouse while the class wraps up.

Do not Wait - Marabella will ask you to let the children ask you question. This is definitely the more fun option.

Edna/Rose var Attre

Agree to Lessons - Agree to tutor Rosa opening up the Secondary Quest: Fencing Lessons.

Turndown Lessons - Do not agree to tutor Rosa. She’ll be annoyed but it won’t impact the story.

Molly + Baroness La Valette

Arjan La Valette is Dead - The Baroness will be mean to Geralt and refuse to go to the race

Arjan La Valette is Alive - The Baroness will be happy to see Geralt and accompany him to the races with General Voorhls

GAMER NOTE: Race General Voorhls and win a brand new saddle that will boost your horses stamina. It does not matter which horse you choose as they have the same stats. If the Baroness goes to the races with you than she will bet on Nemrod no matter what.

GAMER TIP: Except the General's offer to ride to the races and ride back the city in order to make the quest go by quicker. 


By the end of the quest you end up going to meet Priscilla, a bard Dandelion is infatuated with. She tells you that Dandelion is involved in some shady dealings and you need to save him (Surprise, Surprise).  

This opens up the main quest Get Junior.