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Resident Evil Village Armory Daughter Boss Fight: How to beat Daniela

In Resident Evil Village, the third and final fight with Dimitrescu’s daughters takes place in the Armory. Daniela doesn’t seem too upset about her sisters’ demises, but she still wants to carve Ethan up, so that’s no good. Fortunately, beating her is a similar experience to fighting her sisters, and once she’s exposed to her weakness, Ethan can take her down relatively quickly.

How to beat the third daughter in Resident Evil Village: Daniela boss fight in the Armory

Resident Evil Village Daniela Boss Fight

Daniela will sneak up on Ethan when he enters the Armory. Her appearance is perhaps the most surprising of the three daughters since players get the rifle around the room for a moment before she shows up. She’ll begin attacking right away, so get ready to move as soon as she starts speaking.

Again, her weakness is cold, so Ethan needs to find a way to drop the temperature in the room. He can do so by moving the shelf on the wall and using a Pipe Bomb to blow open the crack behind it. After that, it’s just a matter of blasting her until she dies.

The Armory is a bit of a claustrophobic place to have a fight, but players can rotate around the central column to put an obstacle between them and Daniela. This will at least prevent her from charging at Ethan. Players may want to consider throwing the second Pipe Bomb at her to speed up the fight (or even a mine). Otherwise, the shotgun and pistol will make quick work of her.

Once the last of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters are turned to ash, players can pick up another crystal torso and make their way out of the room. After this fight, Ethan should have all four masks and be ready to open the door in the Hall of the Four.