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Resident Evil Village: Can you save Elena or does she die permanently?

With how much Elena has figured into Resident Evil Village’s marketing, players wonder if she has a bigger part in the game. Those that have played the demo know that Elena appears to die in the fire that engulfs Luiza’s house, but is there a way to save her. Read on to find out Elena’s full role in Resident Evil Village.

Can you save Elena from dying in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village Elena dies

In the Resident Evil Village demo, players encounter Elena and her father hiding in a shed. After helping her into Luiza’s house, her father transforms into a Lycan, knocks over a lantern starting a fire, and kills most of the villagers. Elena blasts him with a shotgun as he is attacking Ethan, and the two attempt to escape the burning building.

Elena almost escapes through an upstairs window with Ethan, but her father reappears, and she runs to try and help him. However, before Ethan can get her to recognize her father is no longer human, the planks she’s standing on begin to collapse, dropping first her father and then her into the fire.

Capcom featured Elena fairly prominently in pre-release material, so many fans figured she’d somehow survive her ordeal in Luiza’s house. However, that’s not the case. It appears that Elena dies in the fire and does not reappear in the game. Since the house burns down, Ethan can’t reenter it to confirm her death, but it doesn’t appear that there was any way for her to make it out.

However, this is a Resident Evil game, so there’s always a chance that Elena made it out somehow. It wouldn’t be the first time a character in the series made an unlikely recovery from a deadly situation. It’s possible that she may feature in future DLC for Resident Evil Village if it’s produced.