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Is there a Resident Evil Village third-person mode?

Resident Evil 8 keeps the first-person viewpoint of Capcom’s previous mainline entry. While some players are fans of this decision, many others wish for a return to the classic third-person view. For the latter group, is there an RE8 camera toggle to switch perspective? Here’s the lowdown on a Resident Evil Village third-person mode for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

Is RE8 playable in third-person?

Resident Evil Village third-person mode

Resident Evil Village will be playable in third person on PC via mods. There is no official third-person mode in RE8 on any platform.

Modder @DarknessValtier is already working to make Resi Village in third person a reality. There’s some test footage below, though, somewhat distractingly, Ethan Winters has no head…

This is actually commonplace in first-person games, as the developers often place the camera right where a character’s head should be. Perhaps due to this, the same modder is also looking to make Cassandra (one of the three daughters) playable from a third-person perspective.

Capcom played with perspective in Resident Evil 3 (2020), which opens with a first-person camera before transitioning to a third-person viewpoint. A vast majority of the game takes place in third-person mode, but this could be an indication that swappable camera perspectives are in the series’ future.

Until then, unofficial PC modifications are the only way to play Resi Village while seeing the full character. PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia users are out of luck on this occasion.

An RE8 TPS mode would’ve made for a great bonus feature in the Extra Content Shop, which players unlock after beating the campaign. There are still some worthwhile goodies in there — infinite ammo, for example.

Grabbing Resi 8 on PC to install the third-person mod? Try replacing monster with childhood mascots at the same time!

It’s also worth knowing how to play RE Village on PC with a DualShock 4.