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Resident Evil Village: Projector Film Puzzle solution

Resident Evil Village was designed to be terrifying, but that’s not enough. No, in addition to fighting off beasts and horrifying bosses, you’ll also need to solve complex puzzles. House Beneviento is full of these devious traps, including the projector film puzzle. As it turns out, this one puzzle you can solve quickly by knowing the correct order in which to place each film strip.

Resident Evil Village: Projector Film puzzle solution and order

Resident Evil Village: Projector Film puzzle solution and order

To solve the projector film puzzle in Resident Evil Village, you simply need to place the film strips in the correct order. Here’s the solution listed in order from left to right:

  1. Red monkey toys
  2. Village and Shadows book
  3. Baby
  4. Music box
  5. Wedding ring

Of course, that’s a little easier said than done. The projector film puzzle is fourth of six different puzzles at House Beneviento, each one more confusing than the last.

Assuming you’ve done your due diligence so far — including completing the Music Box puzzle — you should have a film strip in your inventory. If not, you need to pull it from the doll’s mouth using tweezers. This item needs to be placed on the projector rack in the study. Head there now, then inspect the projector to view the remaining film strips.

Place the strips into the order listed above, and the projector film puzzle will be completed. You’ll know you got the order correct when a new passageway opens at the rear of the study. From there, you’ll need to look for the doll holding a pair of scissors, which are used to move on to the puppet puzzle and, eventually, the graveyard.

House Beneviento in Resident Evil Village is full of devious puzzles. All things considered, the projector film puzzle is rather simple: Just put the film strips in the correct order to complete the puzzle and open the secret passageway.