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NBA 2K21 update 01.010.000 patch notes for PS5 and Xbox Series

The NBA 2k21 update 01.010.000 for the PS5 and Xbox Series X has been released, with next-gen versions of the 2K basketball game receiving a new update.

The brand new update has rolled out today on PlayStation 5 and Xbox, though 2K is remaining quiet in regards to what has been included. Still, players can download the update, even if they’re not entirely sure what’s been included in it.

What’s in the NBA 2K21 update 01.010.000 patch notes?

NBA 2K21 01.010.000 UPDATE PATCH NOTES ps5 xbox series x

The NBA 2k21 update patch notes have yet to be released by 2K, with the details of the PS5 and Xbox Series X 01.010.000 patch remaining unclear. However, as it is only a marginal update, it’s expected that there aren’t many changes that have been deployed.

The previous next-gen update was similarly small, adding the following to the game:

  • Improved player lighting and shadows in The City during daytime hours
  • Improved an issue that was causing slow bootup times for some PS5 users. More improvements to come
  • Addressed a potential hang in MyNBA Online when accepting trade offers

The update should automatically install for PS5 and Xbox Series X owners, but if not the update can be manually installed by selecting the game in your library on either console.

NBA 2K21 also recently received a player rating update, which altered the various ratings of its players and either increased or decreased their stats to fall in line with their real-life prowess.

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