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Resident Evil Village Beneviento Grave: How to use the Broken Slab

Resident Evil 8 is full of optional puzzles hiding valuable treasures, with one of the more devious (and lucrative) examples being Beneviento’s Chalice. Gaining access to the Resident Evil Village Beneviento grave can prove especially challenging. With that in mind, here’s how to get the Beneviento treasure by using the Broken Slab item in RE8.

How to access Beneviento’s grave and get the treasure in RE8

How to get the Broken Slab in RE8

Here’s how to solve the Resident Evil Village Beneviento grave puzzle and claim the Beneviento’s Chalice treasure:

  1. After exiting House Beneviento, visit the Graveyard area
  2. A small crypt on the west side opens when approached — the Broken Slab is inside
  3. Return to Beneviento’s house and locate the gravesite in front of it
  4. Use the Broken Slab key item on the grave’s damaged nameplate
  5. Retrieve the Beneviento’s Chalice treasure

After repairing the grave nameplate (Claudia Beneviento), it opens up to reveal the valuable Beneviento’s Chalice treasure. Duke will purchase the item for a high price, allowing players to buy more items and/or upgrades from his shop.

It’s worth noting that users will encounter resistance on a couple of occasions throughout the process. Firstly, some lesser enemies will spawn outside of the crypt containing the Broken Slab. Second and lastly, a miniboss will appear to defend Claudia Beneviento’s grave before players can repair the nameplate and claim the treasure.

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