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Resident Evil Village: What do Goats of Warding do?

You’re likely to spot a number of small goat statues as you work your way through Resident Evil Village. These wooden figurines are called Goats of Warding, and though they’re hiding all around, their use isn’t immediately obvious. It’s clear that they’re meant for something, but what is it that they actually do? As it turns out, Goats of Warding are meant to serve one specific purpose.

What do Goats of Warding do in Resident Evil Village?

What do Goats of Warding do in Resident Evil Village?

Goats of Warding are collectibles in Resident Evil Village. The only purpose these goat statues serve is to unlock the Cynic and Heretic challenges. Goats of Warding don’t do anything by themselves, but they can help you earn CP and buy unlocks from the Extra Content Shop.

Put bluntly, Goats of Warding don’t become important until you reach new game plus. Most players will likely destroy their first wooden goat statue and unlock the Cynic challenge without really even trying. After that, the only reason to try to find all 20 goat statues is to unlock the Heretic achievement, which is worth 16,000 CP.

Basically, they exist solely for their two related achievements/challenges. But that’s not to say they’re not valuable. Challenges are the only way to earn CP, and CP is the only currency that can be used at the Extra Content Shop. If you want to unlock abilities like infinite ammo, you’ll need to complete challenges. And, as it so happens, finding all Goats of Warding is easier than many of the game’s other challenges.

Still, Goats of Warding won’t do anything for you during your first run. Finding all 20 goat statues will unlock the Heretic challenge, but the CP it provides won’t be useful until you start new game plus. It won’t hurt to seek the statues out, but they don’t serve any purpose until you complete the main campaign.