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How to escape the castle in Resident Evil Village

Ethan can’t catch a break. One of his first significant challenges in Resident Evil Village is figuring out how to escape Castle Dimitrescu. After he tracks his daughter there, he finds himself locked in with Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters. With Rose nowhere to be found, he has to escape the castle as quickly as possible to continue his journey.

How do you escape the castle in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village Escape the Castle Masks

Escaping Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village is a rather involved process. However, the ultimate goal in the castle is to acquire the four angel masks to unlock the door in the Hall of the Four. Once Ethan gets all four masks, he can pass through the door and escape the castle.

However, there’s a lot Ethan must do to gather the four angel masks. These items are scattered throughout the castle and are hidden in hard-to-access areas. To get to them, Ethan will have to navigate the secrets of Castle Dimitrescu and outwit Lady D and her daughters.

The four masks locations and how to get them are:

Mask of Sorrow

When Ethan tries to pick up Dimitrescu’s Key in her bed-chamber, she appears and throws him through the floor into the Dungeon. Once he makes it through this area to the Hall of Sorrow, he’ll find a statue. Taking the Mask of Sorrow from it will raise the statue to the courtyard, which provides an escape from the Dungeons.

Mask of Joy

Once Ethan gets the Iron Insignia key by solving the piano puzzle in the Opera Hall, he can use it to enter the Library. He’ll need to kill Cassandra here to pass through to the Hall of Joy. Here he can predictably find the Mask of Joy on a statue.

Mask of Rage

Ethan needs to solve the five bells puzzle in the Atelier to gain access to the Attic. Once he passes through here onto the rooftops, he can proceed to the Belfry. Here there’s a zipline he can take to the Tower of Rage. In the Tower of Rage, the Mask of Fury will be found attached to a statue.

Mask of Pleasure

Players can access the Hall of Pleasure by using Dimitrescu’s Key on the southern door in the hallway leading to the Dressing Room. When players pick up the Mask of Pleasure, the door will seal. They’ll need to head next door to the armory and grab the Animal Skull to stand in for the mask (after killing Daniela, of course). Once the skull is placed where the Mask of Pleasure was, the door will open.

Now that Ethan has all four masks, he can place them on the angels and escape the castle. However, there’s one last thing he’ll need to take care of before he can completely leave the grounds.