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Is Albert Wesker in Resident Evil Village?

He’s the Resident Evil franchise’s most enduring villain (despite being dead), so is there a Resident Evil Village Albert Wesker cameo? There are a couple of mysterious characters in RE8 that could certainly be Wesker, including a man who wears sunglasses the entire time who isn’t named. So is Albert Wesker in Resident Evil Village? Let’s take a look.

Is there a Resident Evil Village Albert Wesker cameo?

Resident Evil Village Albert Wesker

Unless his cameo is well hidden, Albert Wesker does not make an appearance in Resident Evil Village. However, there is a character who looks a lot like him in the game’s post-credits scene. Furthermore, while he seemingly doesn’t feature, there is a way for fans to put Wesker in Resident Evil 8 with the help of mods.

Spoilers for Resident Evil Village follow!

The game’s post-credits scene is set many years after RE8 and features Ethan and Mia’s grown-up daughter Rose visiting her father’s grave and then arguing with a man in sunglasses. While there is some resemblance to Wesker, this man is most likely just a bodyguard sent by Chris Redfield to escort Rose. Likewise, the mysterious figure on the hill they meet at the end has been revealed as Ethan Winters.

As far as fans are aware, Albert Wesker was killed by Chris Redfield and Ada Wong during the climax of Resident Evil 5. He has not yet returned, but seeing as Ethan is also supposed to be dead there is always the chance that Wesker could come back too.

If fans are desperate to see Albert Wesker in Resident Evil Village, there is a mod that replaces Chris Redfield with Wesker that players can try out. It’s also possible to play as Chris Redfield with mods if players want to bring back the classic Redfield/Wesker feud.

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