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Knockout City: Voice chat not working fix

Knockout City is the latest multiplayer game to generate big buzz in the gaming community. Not only does it offer a unique take on dodgeball-like action, but it also unites players across most modern platforms. Unfortunately, some players are reporting that Knockout City voice chat is not working, particularly when it comes to cross-platform chat. Don’t worry: There are a couple of simple ways to fix Knockout City voice chat across PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Knockout City voice chat not working? Here’s the fix

Knockout City voice chat not working - how to fix

There are a few reasons why Knockout City voice chat may not be working. You may have accidentally disabled group chat, or you may not have cross-platform chat enabled. Voice chat can also stop working depending on faulty microphone settings or hardware configurations.

If Knockout City voice chat is giving you problems, you’ll need to run through a few troubleshooting steps. Since the game is available for PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, sorting out the specific issue could take some time. However, the most common problem seems to involve the game’s group chat settings.

Ensure that Group Chat or Team Chat is enabled

Thankfully, this is an easy fix. From the crew menu, you can press the left analog stick in to change chat options. Group Chat allows open voice communication between all members of your group, while Team only allows voice communication between teammates. Off, of course, disables voice chat entirely. If Knockout City voice chat stopped working suddenly, make sure the game’s group chat hasn’t been accidentally disabled.

Assuming the game’s Group Chat setting wasn’t the issue, there are a few other less-common solutions that could help fix Knockout City voice chat.

Make sure your microphone is plugged in correctly

Most USB headsets and microphones plug straight into the console or PC. Headsets with a 3.5mm cable are typically plugged into the PC’s headset port or directly into a console’s controller. PS5 users also have the option to use the microphone built into the DualSense controller. Whatever option you choose, make sure your mic appears in the system’s settings menu.

Check that Xbox cross-platform chat is enabled

Xbox users have the option to disable cross-platform chat, which will subsequently cause Knockout City voice chat to stop working properly. To enable it, navigate to Profile & System > Settings > Account, then change the voice and text options to “Everybody”. Otherwise, you may only be able to communicate with other Xbox users.

Listen for voice chat from other audio sources

This final step is an oddball. Several users on the Knockout City subreddit have reported that voice audio does not play through headsets as intended. Curiously, they were convinced that voice chat was not working until they found that voices were playing through their speakers or monitors instead of their headsets or controllers.

If your voice is transmitting fine, but you can’t hear what other players are saying, see if their voices are coming from somewhere else. It’s possible that some Windows or game audio setting is piping voice communications through the wrong audio output channel. This may be a bug, or it may be an unintentional interaction with certain headset hardware or software. Given the wide variety of headsets and microphones on the market, it’s hard to say for sure.

If Knockout City voice chat is not working, make sure you haven’t accidentally disabled group or team chat. After all, without voice chat you’ll have a hard time rising through every rank. Assuming group chat is enabled, you may be able to fix voice chat by double-checking your cross-platform communication settings. Beyond that, you could have a fault with your headset, microphone, or audio output configuration.