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Knockout City Ranks: All ranked divisions list

Knockout City features ranked online matches in which users can prove their competitive mettle. Climbing through the divisions in league play can be a daunting task, though it gets a little easier when players know what they’re aiming for. So, here are all the Knockout City ranks that players need to achieve in order to reach the highest division and max level.

All Knockout City ranks in order

Knockout City ranks

Here are all eight Knockout City ranks in ascending division order:

  1. Bronze League
  2. Silver League
  3. Gold League
  4. Platinum League
  5. Diamond League
  6. Sapphire League
  7. Emerald League
  8. Ruby League

At the time of writing, Knockout City is a brand-new game and most players haven’t been able to hit anywhere close to the maximum rank. Thankfully, Redditor u/Engelgeddon_ was able to dig through the game files and discover every Knockout City rank ahead of time. The thread reveals each rank along with its description and associated image tag, which, unfortunately, Engelgeddon_ hasn’t been able to convert into viewable logos.

As with most competitive multiplayer games, attaining the max Knockout City rank will take dedication. It’ll also require skill to remain at the top of the mountain, as losing matches subtracts league points and can end in demotion.

Need more help with Knockout City? Currently, the fledgling dodgeball game is susceptible to several issues and errors. Check out how to fix a variety of network problems, in addition to the Xbox crashing bug. The in-game “Bank” menu is also inaccessible to some — here’s a workaround.

Players with an EA Play subscription can claim exclusive EA Play Rewards, though there are also free Knockout City cosmetics to redeem via creator codes. This Knockout City redemption keys list features all the current codes, so be sure to give it a look. There’s a small chance of getting the “Redemption Error” notification in the process, though.