FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Aether Current Locations Guide For All Heavensward Areas

After unlocking the ability to pilot flying mounts in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, you are tasked with locating aether currents hidden within each zone in order to fly in their respective region of the map. These currents aren't easy to find, so you might be wondering where to find them.


Thanks to Reddit and Imgur user joshesguerra we have images of the locations for these aether currents. Check out the maps below and look for the red dots for the elusive aether current locations. If you have trouble viewing the red dots, you may choose to save a map (right click -> save as), open it on your PC, and zoom in.



Coerthas Western Highlands Aether Currents


The Churning Mists Aether Currents

The Dravanian Forelands Aether Currents


The Dravanian Hinterlands Aether Currents


The Sea of Clouds Aether Currents