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Biomutant: Resistances reset bug fix

A frustrating bug is leaving Biomutant players with severely weakened characters. It involves an unusual interaction that ultimately results in all Resistances being reset. What’s worse, your Resistances could be wiped permanently if you don’t take the proper action quickly. Here’s what you can do to fix the Resistances reset bug in Biomutant.

How to fix the Resistances reset bug in Biomutant

How to fix the Resistances reset bug in Biomutant

The only way to fix the Biomutant bug that resets all Resistances is to reload a prior save. If you notice that all of your Resistances have been wiped, reload a past save as soon as possible. If not, there’s a chance your Resistances may be lost forever.

It’s not entirely clear what causes this bug to appear. However, users on the Biomutant subreddit believe the issue is linked to the use of the Mutation Spot in Bio Nucleus 6D. Once it’s been used, an unexpected interaction seems to appear between equipment and add-ons.

Again, this is all theory. But it seems as if using the Mutation Spot causes a bug where armor add-ons effectively lose their Resistances. The result is that most of the game’s armor won’t provide any sort of bonuses when equipped.

This becomes especially problematic when spending Bio Points to build buffs around your armor’s baked-in defenses. You may inadvertently wind up spending your hard-earned Bio Points to increase a stat that doesn’t need it. Considering that you can’t respec your skill points, this could easily ruin your entire save file.

The Resistances reset bug in Biomutant isn’t exactly common, but it can be devastating. As soon as you notice your Resistances have been wiped, reload a past save immediately. With luck, you’ll have a save file on-hand where your Resistances are still intact. As long as you don’t save after your Resistances disappear, you should be fine. Otherwise, this is a problem the developers at Experiment 101 will have to fix.