How to fix Super Animal Royale ‘Failed to reach servers. Retrying’ error

Super Animal Royale is a colorful new battle royale title in which anthropomorphic characters wage war. The online multiplayer game is tons of fun — when it’s working properly, that is. A Super Animal Royale “Failed to reach servers. Retrying…” error message has some users stuck at the main menu. It can immediately follow the “Disconnected from game server” notification, which unceremoniously boots players back to the title screen. But, is there a solution? Here’s the need-to-know info on a quick and easy fix.

Super Animal Royale ‘Failed to reach servers. Retrying…’ error fix

Super Animal Royale 'Failed to reach servers. Retrying...'

After encountering the Super Animal Royale “Failed to reach servers. Retrying…” error notification in-game, do the following:

  1. Visit @AnimalRoyale for server status updates
  2. No known issues? Close the Super Animal Royale application
  3. Check for available Super Animal Royale updates
  4. If there aren’t any, reboot the console or PC hardware
  5. Reset the internet router or modem
  6. Should the issue persist, try connecting via a different network
  7. Still no luck? Try connecting again in a few hours’ time

After performing all of the above steps, the endless Super Animal Royale “Failed to reach servers. Retrying…” cycle should be at an end. It’s worth keeping in mind that SAR is currently a Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview title. This means that the adorable battle royale game isn’t content complete, so connectivity issues are par for the course.

Now that Super Animal Royale’s “Failed to reach servers. Retrying…” problem has a solution, it’s almost time to head back into the fray. Before doing so, however, it might be worth taking the time to bookmark this authorization issue fix. That way, it won’t take as long to get back up and running should that issue rear its ugly head.

There are also tons of easily unlockable SAR cosmetics, all thanks to the in-game Coupon Code system. Check out this complete list of valid redemption keys to snag them all in no time.

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