How to fix Super Animal Royale ‘Game server could not authorize you’ error

Anyone trying to play the big new battle royale game may have hit the Super Animal Royale “game server could not authorize you” error, which prevents the player from even starting a match. Super Animal Royale server problems should be expected, given it has just launched on consoles. Is there a fix for this annoying Super Animal Royale matchmaking error in particular?

Super Animal Royale ‘Game server could not authorize you’ fix

Super Animal Royale Game server could not authorize you

To fix the Super Animal Royale “game server could not authorize you” error, players will want to simply try again or wait a little while, as it may only be a temporary issue with the Super Animal Royale servers and might not be a problem on the player’s side.

Beyond the above fix, try restarting the game or the system, and making sure that the system is connecting online correctly. If on PC, it may be worth making sure any virus or firewall protection on the router isn’t interfering, and the game’s on the software’s protected list.

Super Animal Royale is currently in Early Access on Steam, although it has recently launched on Xbox with crossplay support, and it is a console exclusive right now. The game is at version 0.97, and the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Stadia versions will appear as soon as Super Animal Royale hits version 1.0. Hopefully a lot of the game’s issues, such as server troubles and matchmaking, will be straightened out by then.

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