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Minecraft 1.18 Update Release Date and Time: When does the next update come out?

The latest update for Minecraft has just arrived, leaving fans ready for more. The next batch of content will arrive in the Minecraft 1.18 update, which will surely bring new features to the beloved game. Read on to see when the update will launch, and what it will contain.

When will Minecraft 1.18 come out?

Since we’re so soon on from the most recent update, it’s safe to assume it will be a little while before the Minecraft 1.18 update arrives. Typically, Mojang release Minecraft updates every few months. For example, the Nether Update was first released in full in June 2020, with updates following in August, September, November, and January. Therefore, you can expect version 1.18 to arrive within the next few months, but not in the immediate future.

Currently, there are no details as to what the newest Minecraft update will contain. Patches released by the developers, Mojang, usually release new blocks, mobs, or tweaks to the gameplay. The 1.17 update released yesterday, bringing several new blocks and mobs to the game. Prior to this was the 1.16.5 update, which focused on stability issues and fixing server crashes. Therefore, 1.18 could be a similar type of update, solving problems from 1.17. Alternatively, it could contain the second half of the Caves and Cliffs expansion, which premiered in 1.17.

Whatever it contains, Minecraft update 1.18 will surely build upon the successful groundworks of the most recent update. Since all new additions to the game, aside from texture packs, are released free of charge, the new components will bring something exciting for all players. Until more details are unveiled, it’s hard to pin down a release date, but update 1.18 should be available within the next few months – if Mojang sticks to its usual release schedule.

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