Nintendo Switch TV Frame: How to get and where to buy

Image credit: Nerdvana

The Nintendo Switch boasts an iconic portable design, which has some people looking to integrate it into their home entertainment set up on a large scale. Doing so requires a Nintendo Switch TV frame, which essentially adds Joy-Cons to a television set. This gives the appearance of a giant console and is, naturally, pretty eye-catching and a centerpiece to any room. Are they for sale, though? Is there a way to buy Nintendo Switch television frames online? Here’s the need-to-know info on how to get one.

Are Nintendo Switch TV frames for sale?

Nintendo Switch TV frame

Image credit: Nerdvana

Nintendo fans can get a Switch TV frame by following an online build guide. Unfortunately, they are no longer for sale via MorsbaneGoods’ Etsy store.

In order to create the Nintendo Switch TV frame pictured in this article, follow the build process laid out by the proud owner of the “Nerdvana” gaming room. It’s quite an involved process that will take some time and technical know-how, though the end result is incredibly cool.

Although this walkthrough does include pictures alongside the instructional text, for more visual learners, following Chris Salomone‘s video guide might work best. It’s a different process and still not a quick and easy build, though, once again, the outcome looks stunning. Check out the video on how to make a Nintendo Switch TV frame below.

Before diving into the build, it might be worth waiting to see if the Nintendo Switch Pro receives an announcement soon. Reports suggest that the reveal is impending — even if it did miss the initially rumored date. Of course, once it’s out Nintendo Switch Pro TV frames could crop up online. Presuming that the design is an improvement over the base model, making one of those could be preferable.

Until then, why not check out some additional Nintendo Switch Pro coverage? Here’s the latest on its 4K capabilities, plus why it should absolutely be called “Super Nintendo Switch” instead.