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Minecraft: How to grow Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most coveted blocks in all of Minecraft, and getting them is no easy feat. The recent 1.17 update brought amethyst to all current versions of game, meaning now is the time to experiment with it. Read on to find out how to grow Amethyst, and get some for yourself.

How do you mine Amethyst in Minecraft?

Unlike most blocks, Amethyst is a particularly hard material to get your hands on. Instead of spawning in as pure Amethyst, it appears as Amethyst buds, found in special geodes. You can first mine the Amethyst block, with an Iron Pickaxe or better – a Stone Pickaxe won’t work. However, this won’t produce the pure amethyst you need. Instead, it grows on these blocks. Careful not to mine the budding Amethyst blocks, as they won’t drop anything, and will just disappear.

How do you grow Amethyst in Minecraft?

In these geodes, use your pickaxe to mine the Amethyst buds that appear on the walls of these geodes. Alternatively, if you have a silk-enchanted pickaxe, you can mine Amethyst blocks to get the Amethyst bud. These range from small, medium, and large sizes, which alters the amount you get.

Due to only growing in certain geodes, you are unable to make your own Amethyst farms, meaning you’ve got to get it from the caves to obtain fresh supplies. However, those geodes are full of fun, as running over, placing, and mining Amethyst produces a pleasant musical tune. Occasionally, budding Amethyst blocks can grow on small Amethyst buds—technically outside of the geodes—but there’s only a 20% chance of this happening, so it’s quite a rare occurrence.

Amethyst first debuted as a block at Minecraft Live 2020, thought it didn’t release in-game until the recent Caves and Cliffs update. Previously, it was accessible in the experimental game-mode of the Bedrock edition, but only now can players on Java and Bedrock actually experience it.

In other news, Axolotls are now in Minecraft, and you can breed them to produce more.

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